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Healthcare Services

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BTH “Boston Technologies HealthCare”, provides comprehensive and high-tech healthcare services to American healthcare service providers. We specialize in streamlining medical support services in full compliance with HIPAA regulations. Driven by an experienced team of expert billing professionals, we offer flexible and confidential outsourcing services from 8 global delivery centers.

Operating since 2010, Medical Billing Service has developed years of expertise in healthcare BPO services. We strive to stay on top of ever-changing regulations and insurance reimbursement policies, which is why we have been successful in maintaining a track record of recovering maximum claims for our clients. We believe in investing heavily in technology and skilled resources and so, have been able to build a business model which guarantees decreased denials and improved cash flow.

We provide fast and efficient solutions while ensuring that our clients are compliant with the HIPAA compliance rules and regulations. The healthcare field is evolving every day, which means existing processes need to be upgraded in order to fulfill professional requirements of the service providers. BTH has implemented a range of cost effective solutions which allow us to facilitate operational efficiency and reduce spending.

BTH’s core business is medical claims processing and electronic billing services. Large and medium-sized hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and other healthcare service providers can choose to outsource their claims processing needs to BTH. Let us know a little about your organization, and we’ll reach out to schedule an inside look at how we can drive your success today and scale to support your growth tomorrow.

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Healthcare Services

Increase your revenue by partnering with a company that shares your goals. We can help you achieve your goals by using our experience, network, technology, and data-driven insights. Most healthcare software is overpriced and under-delivered on its promises, according to a recent survey. However, we provide all the necessary information you need so that you can track your care across several settings.