Automation (Selenium) Testing



  • Automated Software Testing has increased in popularity over the years. Increasing demands on quality and competitive pressures on time-to-market and budget have been some of the key drivers of test automation. Automated testing complements today’s agile software development processes and, if done well, results in faster time-to-market, operational cost savings, increased test coverage, and improved customer satisfaction. This is especially true for automated web application testing due to the constant need to be responsive in the face of a rapidly-changing ecosystem of browsers and versions.
Main Features
  • Robust regression automation targeting multiple platforms using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Selenium test automation using the Programming Language of Java for plugging into your engineering architecture with ease.
  • Wrapping Selenium testing scripts in the Testing Framework JUnit & TestNG.
  • Integration with popular Java build tools Apache Ant.
  • Customized reporting services using HTML.
  • Log generation to monitor stepwise testing.
  • Automation with data/keyword-driven & hybrid approaches.
  • Database testing with Selenium.
  • To optimize our selenium test suite for covering more test cases in less time we also perform grid testing by diving load into multiple machines at one time and let the execute test as individual machines and Gris testing also make efficient in performing browser compatibility testing.
  • Selenium is an Open source automation testing tool with competitive features and without costly licensing fees, have an edge over proprietary tools when testing budget is an important factor. Selenium is the most widely-used open source test automation solution in the world today for automated web application testing. Running in most browsers and operating systems and controllable by popular programming languages and testing frameworks, the Selenium automation testing suite of tools is used to create robust web browser automation.
  • We have skilled automated test engineers in the use of powerful automated test tools. These tools enable them to write complex test scripts designed to automate parts of the testing process – thereby significantly reducing the necessity for manual testing.
  • Our Automation Testing Team can build Selenium script with using Java & automate below Testing:
  • Testing Framework, Quick automation scripts facilitating bug reproduction and exploratory testing using Selenium IDE.