Content Management System



  • Client was looking to handle large number of customer requests and large number of orders and shipping information. A system was designed for customers and management users of the company. Client wanted to create automated system so every customer can see their orders and shipping data. Also system is taking care of client tickets request and manage tickets and response back to customer.
  • Create customer Module and customer portal.
  • Create order reports for another system database and merge with portal.
  • Tracking the live inventory data with oracle and merge customer portal using SQL linked servers.
  • Create business tools and charts to review and graphical presentation analysis.
  • System and Management user get notification and alert from customer and get response in short time.
  • WebAPI and Firewall implementation for high end security.
  • Expose this data using hive so that analyst can access this data for further analytics.
  • Develop a dashboard for customer and admin user of company.
  • The application framework will be designed in such a way to be able to easily support real-time use case in the next phase of the project.
  • Client can now more focus on business operation and customer has automated portal to manage their orders and view finance transaction.
  • Client user can easily manage customer request and tickets and managing in well manner.