Functional Testing



  • Shaligram Infotech follows industry standard testing techniques to thoroughly test the functionality of your Website or Web Application against its documented specifications.
  • Your website or Web Application is a reflection of your capabilities and a key to your future success. We employ specialized functionality and compatibility testing and methodologies to ensure that the world sees your website exactly as you intend it to be seen.
  • We thoroughly test your Software application by passing through different Testing Cycles Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing, Security Testing, Load Testing.
Main Features
  • Understand the Requirements.
  • Identify test input data.
  • Creating Test Specification Document to meet user requirements.
  • Compute the expected outcomes with the selected test input values.
  • Execute Test Cases.
  • Verify the Actual & Expected Results.
  • If differ than report the Issues, resolved the same.
  • Functional Testing: first we review your requirement specifications, creating detailed test specifications, review & approve by client. In this phase we test each & every functions of the system by providing Input, verifying outputs will meets as per the requirement. We follow the Test Life Cycles & Bug Life Cycles in every project to ensuring the Quality meet as per the Quality Standards.