Oil And Gas Business Intelligence



  • Objective was to allow users to enter specification about an oil well with a maximum depth of 40,000 feet. In some cases, data will be loaded for every depth (as a .CSV file or XML), in other cases the user may only enter data for a few discreet points and the software will need to extrapolate data between these points to calculate the exact value on a point by point basis.
  • One of our UK Based clients wanted us to develop Desktop Application to facilitate users to enter the specification about the oil well and plot different types of chart using different types of data files. User can calculate various data for the particular well at each foot up to well depth. They wanted a tool which can help calculating risk factors of Gas flow, temperature, pressure, viscosity etc. at every feet of well.
  • Generate and plot 3D graphs depending upon user input.
  • Loading various types of data from different file types.
  • Multi language support.
  • Different Units Handling (Meter/Kilometer/Pressure).
  • Project Management
  • Well Management
  • Pressure Plot
  • Load DTS Files
  • Load Flow Data Files
  • Load Log Data Files
  • Load PDG Data Files
  • Flow Plot
  • Data Calculation
  • IPR
  • Oil and Gas business intelligence system has proved to be a robust utility for the oil and gas industry.
  • User can analyze particular well of oil or gas by providing required data and make various calculation base on it.
  • The Application makes impossible calculation for the well very easily and accurately.