Performance OR Load Testing



  • Good implementation of software system is as significant as efficient design. During implementation phase, one needs to closely review implementation of good programming practices (proper use of OOPS concepts, careful use of static / global variables, controlled process of changing the public interfaces, efficiency of database indexing, etc.) and effective documentation of external APIs. We consult in code reviews and provide periodic reports.
  • Need to know how your System will perform under peak load? Our load test engineers are certified in the use of sophisticated stress testing tools like HP Load Runner & JMeter designed to tell you the “breaking point” of your servers’ acceptable performance.
Main Features
  • Performance Strategy (Review Business Objectives, Establish performance goals / requirements and planning for Scalability, Availability, Reliability).
  • Architecture Performance Review.
  • Implementation / Code Review.
  • Performance Testing with HP LOAD RUNNER & JMETER.
  • Performance Monitoring.
  • Based on deep experience of performance testing of n-tier distributed enterprise applications, we understand how performance is built into the system right from driving clarity in performance requirements, usage patterns, covering tool selection and simulation of workload, up to performance analysis, tuning and monitoring. We proactively assist our clients in identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks by testing their product or service in production like environments so as to ensure that the system does not give surprises if put to stress with large number of users and for extended duration while in production, we are able to provide a very good performance test cycle experience to our clients on all Windows and Linux platforms, covering all aspects related to reliability, availability and scalability.