Restaurant Portal



  • Providing ordering system for small to medium scale restaurants.
  • Enabling restaurants to reach their customers.
  • Enabling user to order food from favourite restaurant on the go.
  • Highly customizable menu for restaurant.
  • Providing ordering system using mobile and website.
  • User can also place order within facebook page.
  • Users can place orders for special occasions in advance.
  • Multiple restaurants and multiple branch management.
  • All kinds of payment options available.
  • Easy to manage restaurant channels and restaurant groups.
  • Managing orders made so easy.
  • Managing restaurant timings and delivery hours easily.
  • Highly professional and easy to use mobile app.
  • Interactive design and themes that catches your eye the most.
  • Manage campaigns to keep in touch with customers.
  • Sending users various coupons and promotional offers.
  • Restaurant owners got transparency about their business.
  • Tracking orders status at anytime.
  • Highly rated customer response.
  • Overall business tracking of every branch and restaurant.
  • Restaurants gained business expansions.