Security (OWASP) Testing



  • Secure application development involves more than static analysis. Truly secure application development requires that testing involve a mixture of test and analysis methods applied throughout the SDLC, and also that a broad set of software life cycle management and vulnerability/risk management activities be integrated across the process to ensure the delivery of secure and reliable software.
Main Features
  • SQL Injections.
  • Brocken Authentication & Session Management.
  • Cross sited Scripting.
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference.
  • Security Misconfiguration.
  • Sensitive Data Exposure.
  • Missing Functional level Access Control.
  • Cross Site Request.
  • Shaligram Infotech addresses both of these expectations with its Application Security Solution. This integrated system extends our static analysis capabilities, providing a pre-configured system with processes and best practices that help organizations produce secure applications consistently and efficiently.
  • The complete solution integrates project & task management with a broad spectrum of secure application development practices—including penetration testing, authentication/encryption/access control validation, code review, runtime analysis, and more. It drives security tasks to a predictable outcome according to defined industry standards or management’s expectations. This gives organizations the comprehensive process visibility & control needed to effectively satisfy security requirements.
  • We are doing Penetration Testing, OWasp Testing, SQL Injections, Risk Assessment, and Ethical Hacking and Venerability Testing using automated testing tools like Burp Suite, Parrot and Wire Shark etc., we protect your system with unauthorized Users access.