User Acceptance Testing (UAT)



  • User acceptance Testing is a type of testing performed at the Client Side to certify the system with respect to the requirements that was agreed upon, we have good experiences to perform UAT at client side and successfully sigh off the Project & satisfied the client as well.
  • UAT is done by the intended users of the system or software. This testing usually happens at the client location. Once Entry criteria for UAT are satisfied, following are the tasks need to be performed by our UAT Team:
  • Requirements Analysis , Create UAT Plan , Define UAT Test Scenarios , Create UAT Test Cases , Create UAT Test Data,Execute UAT ,Pass the UAT from the Client , Sign off the Project from the Client.
  • Case 1 Pre Condition: System and hardware is implemented in both environments Primary and secondary servers are both online Post Condition: database, application and documents are being synchronized between HO and BT sites, System fail over working perfectly when DR site is acting as primary server.
  • Case 2 Pre Condition: Internet Explorer/Mozilla installed on client machine Post Condition: The user is able to access the system using IE and/or Mozilla Firefox and use system features without any issues.
  • Case 3 Pre Condition: Employee has to exist in Payplus and has logged in System Post Condition: Workflow is created, contents changed, approved at various levels and closed.